Who is GLS Websites

Who is GLS Websites

So who is GLS Websites? We are a small family based website design business based on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.

GLS Websites About Us Gold Coast Australia

As a family we have been building websites for our customers in both Australia and New Zealand for the past 10+ years. We really enjoy working with new clients in different industries and seeing their ideas come to life.

Because we are a smaller business and do all the programming our self, it makes it easier for us to be closely connected with our clients. This benefits our customers in many ways including; implementing any changes they require faster and more efficiently than the traditional larger web development companies. Because they generally have several levels of hierarchy to go through before you get to the people on the ground doing the work : )

Over the years we have seen many changes in the website industry and like with most things you have to either keep up, or you will be left behind… We choose to keep up!

We don’t have highly paid executive account managers, use pushy expensive sales people, or have lavish Sydney offices. And because of this we are able to keep our costs well below most other companies. This is a huge financial benefit to us that we are happy to pass on to our awesome customers!

What does this mean?

Clean, elegant fully responsive websites for under $1,000 – Including 12 Months hosting!

When you are ready check out our website design packages on this page. Or if you have some questions and would like to discuss your new website with us, please give us a call, or send us a message from the contact page.

website Hosting

If you are just looking for website hosting, please see our sister hosting website here. On this site you can order standard hosting, VPS’s or even dedicated servers.